SVA IxD Physical Computing 2013 Final Projects

Fundamentals of Physical Computing was for many IxD students their first exposure to circuits and electronics. This class was a hands-on studio introduction to physically interactive technology. Students learned how to interface objects and installations with viewers’ bodies and environmental stimuli such as motion, light, sound, or intangible data. The class started with basic laws... Continue Reading →

SVA IxD Thesis II Development Prototypes

Thesis II: Development is the second of three semesters devoted to the development of students’ original concepts, establishing a context of investigation and creating viable prototypes. Students began by focusing the research they had started in Thesis I, narrowing an area of investigation, and exploring design ideas. Part of this process was establishing an audience... Continue Reading →

Small Talk by Dami You & Hanna Yoon

Small Talk Physical Computing Midterm Project SVA Interaction Design MFA Dami You & Hanna Yoon Small Talk is a tableware that makes elegant mood while having cup of tea, glass of wine. The color of light changes according to the temperature of the beverage. 1. Inspiration 2. Experiment 3. Prototyping 4. Final Work Code: const... Continue Reading →

Responsive Light Therapy Box by Melody Quintana & Sarah Henry Physical Computing Midterm Project SVA Interaction Design MFA Melody Quintana & Sarah Henry Many people find that bright light therapy helps to improve their symptoms of seasonal mood and sleep disorders. This kind of treatment requires daily time commitment and consistency. The responsive light box seeks to help therapy recipients integrate light box sessions more seamlessly into their lives. Rather than... Continue Reading →

Music Controller Glove by Sunnie Sang & Michie Cao Physical Computing Midterm Project SVA Interaction Design MFA by Sunnie Sang & Michie Cao INITIAL CONCEPT: Brainstorming: performance, gesture, music, DJ, dancing, projecting Body motion sensing performance: developing a tool or instrument for performers to control certain aspects of performance, creating easier real-time experimentation. Musical Glove: using gesture to control music/MIDI output (interact with computer through... Continue Reading →

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