Atari Punk Console "The Atari Punk Console (commonly shortened to APC) is a popular circuit that utilizes two 555 timer ICs or a single 556 dual timer IC. The original circuit, called a "Stepped Tone Generator", was published in a Radio Shack booklet: "Engineer's Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications" in 1980 and then in "Engineer's Mini-Notebook - 555... Continue Reading →

Peter Vogel sound circuit art

"Fascinated by the work of English neurophysiologist William Grey Walter (1910-77), who invented small robots (called Machine Speculatrix) that simulated basic neurophysiological behaviour, Vogel was intrigued to discover that, with the help of sound and light sensors, such machines could react to the world. Thus, at a time when many artists were pursuing the idea... Continue Reading →

Sound synthesis on an Arduino

The Arduino has limited memory and processing speed, which makes real-time sound synthesis difficult. Usually people send MIDI from an Arduino to a capable output device of some kind. However the Mozzi library attempts to bring some synthesis chops to the Arduino itself. "Mozzi brings your Arduino to life by allowing it to produce much... Continue Reading →

Playing The Building by David Byrne

2008. "Playing the Building is a sound installation in which the infrastructure, the physical plant of the building, is converted into a giant musical instrument. Devices are attached to the building structure — to the metal beams and pillars, the heating pipes, the water pipes — and are used to make these things produce sound.... Continue Reading →

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