Yunsil Heo & Hyunwoo Bang – Oasis, Tangible Visual Interface

Made with Processing. A surface covered with black sand turns into a pool full of life when people grab and remove a handful of sand away. In this micro-world, virtual creatures are born, live and perish.They recognize their spatial boundaries and obstacles of living and respond to peoples' touch in various ways. A real-time computer vision engine has been developed to interpret the physical status of diverse materials of the installation. The program populates creatures with various characteristics and controls their behaviors in real-time. A swarm intelligence has been implemented to simulate the flocking behaviors of the creatures and their life-like motions.The Oasis is not a device invented for people to 'use'. It's a playful space where people feel nature, find life forms, interact with and create virtual worlds. It elicits peoples' basic instincts to touch natural materials.

Mobile Signage | London | Nokia

To tout Nokia's navigation technologies, Swedish agency Farfar pulled off an ambitious feat: building and hanging a giant digital arrow above London that the public could control by sending (via text message or Web) any destination worldwide, which the arrow would then slowly turn and point to (and give the distance as well). These kinds of giant interactive installations perform the neat trick of making a global company like Nokia seem both powerful and personable—harnessing formidable technology for friendly purposes. Good thing they remembered to lower the crane a bit, too, so as not to take out an airplane.

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