Peter Vogel sound circuit art

"Fascinated by the work of English neurophysiologist William Grey Walter (1910-77), who invented small robots (called Machine Speculatrix) that simulated basic neurophysiological behaviour, Vogel was intrigued to discover that, with the help of sound and light sensors, such machines could react to the world. Thus, at a time when many artists were pursuing the idea... Continue Reading →

United Visual Artists

"United Visual Artists (UVA) are an art and design practice based in London, creating work that lies at the intersections of sculpture, architecture, live performance and installation. The studio’s origins in design for live performance led to a sustained interest in spectacle, the relationship between passive and active participation, and the use of responsive systems... Continue Reading →

IRIS by HYBE 2012. Expandable Matrix of Transmissive Monochrome LCD (90x90mm), Custom designed Arduino compatible controller board, DMX512, SPI, Kinect. IRIS is a unique media canvas with matrix of conventional information display technology - a monochrome LCD. Through the phased opening and closing of circular-segmented black Liquid Crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount... Continue Reading →

There, After by Sophie Clements Beautiful stop-motion film of explosions, water falling, and boards collapsing. Reminds me of Roman Signer. The explosion video is the strongest I think. From Sophie: "There, After began as a series of concentrated discussions and research sessions with particle physicist Elisabetta Pallante and organic chemist Ryan Cheichi. The starting point for this... Continue Reading →

beTube by Chung-Kun Wang

This is a part of a series of works created by Chung-Kun Wang called "Kong. Qi." Each explores alternate ways of experiencing the sensation of sound apart from hearing through the ears. The melody is an overly trite choice but the speed and organic quality of the mechanized breath is compelling. Another piece called "Bubble... Continue Reading →

Rain Room by rAndom International

"Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process. As you progress through The Curve, the sound of water and a suggestion of moisture fill the air, before you are confronted by this... Continue Reading →

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