Scrollables is a series of multi-scroll devices, an exploration of possible applications for a paper-based tangible interface. As paper as a medium is more and more threatened by the introduction of portable multi-touch screens and e-readers, the project aims at bringing back the tactile relationship with this material as a way to interact with the... Continue Reading →

DJ Luz by Cinimod Studio

An engaging public sound and light installation in Lima, Peru, that happened just this past December 2010: The concept and installation was created by the U.K. based-studio Cinimod for the energy company Endesa during the holiday season. It seemingly allows any individual to have the ability to "orchestrate" a vast area set with 85 giant... Continue Reading →

Atmospheric Urbanism: Street Life + WiFiWeb

Atmospheric Urbanism: Graduate Design Research Studio (Spring 2010) Situated Technologies Research Group, University at Buffalo Street Life: Gayathri Kesavan Street Life proposes “smart” streetlights made from color shifting LEDs that dynamically change colors based on the presence of crowds and ambient noise levels. Proposal - The new streetlights designed for New York City uses Color... Continue Reading →

Kinetic Pavilion

Kinetic Pavilion is a project that was developed by Elise Elsacker & Yannick Bontincks as part of a school assignment: “Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication” at the mmlab of Sint-Lucas Ghent, University college of Science and Art, department Architecture (Belgium). The pavilion is conceived as a structure that is capable of acting upon changing weather... Continue Reading →

Timid – Touchless Interactive Lamp

A touchless interactive lamp by Tanja Steinebach and Erik Wedeward.  The user controls the movement of the lamp with their hands, pulling and pushing it up or down. In contrast to a simple on off switch or a dimmer, this creates a softer, more gestural and human interaction with the object, lending it personality.  Both... Continue Reading →

Sensor Poetics – Kjen Wilkens

The weather has long been a safe topic for conversation to avoid sensitive or personal matter. Despite this mundane connotation of talking about the weather, it often plays a significant role in organizing autobiographical memory. Most of us remember special situations from the past related to weather events. In fact there is a whole subculture... Continue Reading →

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