“Feeding” by Chang Hsin Yu

Condenser microphones, speakers, servomotors, iron

Feeding is a sound installation work. There are eight units in the space. Each unit consists of a metal sculpture of a fishing rod, a condenser microphone, a speaker and a volume sensor. When the volume is too low, the string will relax so that the microphone will drop close to the speaker, and if the sound is too loud, it will rise away from the speaker to form a state of looking for balance.

“Wrong sound” is the main direction of my recent development of works. When a wrong sound is put into the museum, the object (speakers, microphones, etc.) get rid of the original functionality, remove the wrong division, and produces unforeseen noises. I tried to create some mechanism to make this kind of noise a spectacle. I tame this wrong sound through a mechanical device. Use the shape of the fishing rod to imply such a relationship.

On the other hand, this work also wants to challenge the comfort of viewing. When the microphone is approaching the speaker, it seems to be teasing the viewer’s psychology, because of the sound feedback inherent danger (sound explosion, speaker failure, hearing loss, etc.)


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