One Kind of Behavior by Shyu Ruey-Shiann

Shyu Ruey-Shiann’s kinetic installation One Kind of Behavior at Bronx Museum of Arts May 1 – Aug 17, 2014. With dozens of same-sized steel buckets scattered on the floor, One Kind of Behavior will transform the spacious terrace into a vibrant, playful and intriguing landscape.

“Upon entering the terrace, one’s auditory perception is immediately stimulated by the sound of clashing metal. Random reverberation captures the space. Viewers are greeted by dozens of metal buckets, each undulating to its own unique rhythm. Shyu works with different material and media to explore themes related to our environment. The installation One Kind of Behavior is inspired by the quasi-mechanical movements of creatures like hermit crabs. The artist sees within the landscape of nature, languid movements of opening and closing of the hermit crab’s shells, a stark contrast to contemporary society where things move at high speed. The fact that hermit crabs occupy shells discarded by other species is another source of interest to the artist, who sees in this special relationship a metaphor for our human condition. Contrasting man and animal behavior, One Kind of Behavior asks us to consider our environmental and the consequences of our actions on nature.”

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