Trace by HC Gilje

“Created by HC Gilje and commissioned for LIAF 2013, Trace is a light-motion installation presented at the recent festival Lofoten Art Festival. LIAF 2013 takes its international participants and audiences to unusual sites such as a garage, a library, a shed, a hotel, a cinema, an Am-Car club, a residential house, a former shop, an old warehouse, the ocean and other public places, to install the work. The curators asked works to ´question the current human predicament of being stuck in a continuous loop, where the predominant ideas that shape our world are unsustainable and unimaginative when it comes to solving everyday problems.´

The installation by HC Gilje consist of moving lights on LED strips that continuously illuminate space from different angles creating an intersections of form, perspective and shadow. In almost pure darkness the visitor is invited to explore the derelict space as details are illuminated and space is constantly reshaped.”

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