Stepper Motor

How to wire up the larger stepper motor from SparkFun using an H-Bridge (SN754410):



(Images adapted from

Note where pin 1 of chip is (marked with dot or U cut-out).

This motor requires 12V and up to 330mA of current. Red and Green wires are one coil, and Yellow and Blue the other coil. Motor datasheet showing wiring color codes:

Code samples – use the Arduino stepper library for easiest control:

Visual animation showing how they work inside:

More information from Tom Igoe’s excellent explanation:

NOTE on above: we are using a bipolar stepper, you can ignore the two-wire setups, and Arduino library now has easier Stepper functions built in.

Connecting wires to breadboard: the motor has stranded wire which does not fit well into breadboards. Solder to header pins, either

  • individually to connect directly to the h-bridge, or
  • to a header pin block, with additional wires on the breadboard connected to the h-bridge
    • This needs more wires but allows for easy plugging and unplugging of the motor
Optional: solder to block instead of individual header pins
alternate wiring with header pin block for quick disconnect/connect
Use mounting hub (with tiny set screw) to attach motor shaft to objects

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