The Century by Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado


Cinthia Marcelle + Tiago Mata Machado | 2011 | video | 9’37” in loop

In a road, apparently quiet, something is seen being thrown from one end to the other, an object that is hit back and forth (from outside the square) and back again to the scene. Soon, other objects are thrown, filling up the square: rocks, boots, helmets, uniforms, broom sticks, a steering wheel, a wheel, a toilet pipe, tools, a tub, tires, buckets, domestic appliances, a whole world that comes to the surface in a stream that converts, immediately, in something similar to a ruin. From the opposite side, from where the objects where thrown, a strike-back is planned; gas bombs are thrown at the other end of the square, spreading smoke throughout the area. Soon, under the same fog, a new conflict is about to hatch in some other place, retaking the conflicts and human passions that life is about, the beauty and horror of a century.

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