Bit.fall by Julius Popp

“The device, which is attached to the ceiling, consists of 128 nozzles that emit individual drops of water through magnetic valves. A computer program is employed to synchronise the magnetic valves, making it possible to freely determine the shape of the bitmap pattern formed by the drops as they fall to the ground. As they dissolve, the water structures are collected in a container. The water is continuously sucked back into the valve construction by a pump, creating a closed circuit.

The ephemeral information-curtain is a metaphor for the incessant flood of information we are exposed to and from which we draw our perpetually changing realities. The visual information is only ever temporarily perceptible as an image before it dissolves into itself. All that remains are the associations formed within the viewer’s mind. What matters is not what we see, but how we view it. Bit.fall uses irony to disrupt the information society’s permanent quest to achieve an objectifiable representation of reality through the use of technological advances.”

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